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Allergy Rating and Doctor Reviews

Great! They did a great job of monitoring me!
I started using them a few years ago. I was going for allergy shots and to have my breathing monitored. They did a really good job at providing me relief for the symptoms I was having. I’ll continue to use them because since starting I don’t struggle as much with allergy symptoms like stuffy nose, congestion and headaches. Steve Kern on Dec 07, 2015

Very positive experience

 I started going to Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates six years ago and since then my allergies have been much better, I can’t imagine my life without them. My husband and six-year-old daughter are now clients too and experience fewer allergies. Dr. Habib is great and Catherine has gone above and beyond with her services. If you have any allergy problems, you should see Dr. Habib, she will help you out! Tonya L on Dec 03, 2015

I feel like family here.

I have been going to Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates for over 25 years, and Dr. Habib is now my only doctor. I go to her for all my asthma and allergy needs and she is always up-to-date on all the latest medical literature. I love the fact that she really listens to what my symptoms are at any given time, and she seems to offer very thoughtful changes to my medications when they are needed. I never feel over-medicated, and I never feel like I’m just getting the standard treatment that she would give to everyone else. I get personalized care. I really enjoy my relationship with Dr. Habib and it is very comfortable. The staff are wonderful; they are so caring. I feel like family when I come in. Right when I walk in, they know who I am and what I need. The staff really go out of their way to remember all their patients; they are really top-notch. To me, what’s important is the fact that so many of the staff have been there for many many years- in some cases, decades. That speaks volumes to me about the quality of the organization they’re running. They are also very aware of their patients’ financial situations. Sometimes if they have a patient who’s financially struggling, they might want to talk about more prescription options like what alternatives there are. They are always exceptionally responsive to that. Being with them for over 25 years, I have made use of this service on occasion and I really appreciated it. I recommend them every chance I get. I absolutely love them! Heather A on Nov 04, 2015

Very positive

I’ve been going to Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C. for a long time. My experience and results have been very positive. The staff is very professional and they know what they’re doing. They always get it right. If you’re thinking about using them, don’t hesitate. They’re a good group of people and you’ll be treated fairly. The experience will be good. If you make your appointments and do what they say your allergies will improve. Bob Walters on Dec 01, 2015

Great experience with allergy doctor!

Dr. Habibi from Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C. always spends a lot of time with me. She goes through all my history and is very thorough. They all have been very professional, and make sure they get me in on time. I’ve never had any problems with my allergy shots. Karen Sertich on Oct 30, 2015

Would recommend them highly!

Adult & Pediatric Allergy was very helpful and knowledgeable. They’re very customer friendly. I’ve been going for several years and would recommend them highly! Steve Radvak on Oct 13, 2015

Kind, Sincere, Honest and Respectful

I suddenly lost my voice so was told by many friends that I needed to go see an allergist. I booked an appt with Dr Habib and was very impressed! I checked in and they greeted me kindly and quickly ushered me into a room. A doctor appt without a wait??? It was Incredible! After changing, the allergy doctor (Dr Habib) and her assistant checked me for symptoms and did 2 sets of allergy testing on me right away (skin test for food and plants). Again, I was Wowed! They did everything in ONE appt!! I wa so thankful that I didnt have to return for a 2nd appt! They were efficient, helpful and thorough and it one appt to figure out that I was allergy free (except for a very minor allergy to mesquite trees). I would HIGHLY recommend them.!!!They knew what they were doing, were extremely efficient and respectful of my time and also were very nice and helped educate me during the process. V. D. on Oct 05, 2015

Alleviated my allergies and asthma

 The summer months play havoc with my asthma and seasonal allergies and Dr. Habib and her staff at Adult & Pediatric Allergy have worked with me during the last three years to alleviate my symptoms. In the last year and a half, I have noticed that both my asthma and allergies have improved significantly. They worked with me to find the serum solution that works for me and I have really noticed a change since I have been a patient. When you start with a new clinic for a specific problem, you always hope you will walk away feeling better. Adult & Pediatric Allergy is the place that has worked for me. The staff is terrific. Dr. Habib and everyone who works for her has gone way above the call of duty to help me feel much better. If you are experiencing a lot of problems with allergies and asthma, there are solutions and I highly recommend Adult & Pediatric Allergy to help find the one that is right for you. Jerry Wells on Sep 03, 2015

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