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Most of the state is desert, even if you happen to live in the area around Desert Ridge area of Scottsdale/Phoenix. The foliage may not rival the Amazon and the desert is not the Sahara — but it’s enough to merit an Allergist, as many asthma and allergy sufferers are aware!  Scottsdale has its pollen. Phoenix has its pollution. Together they create the perfect storm for allergy sufferers.

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Our Scottsdale Allergy and Asthma Clinic

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Allergists Scottsdale patients come to who specialize in comprehensive food allergies and allergy testing:

Maybe it’s not the pollen and pollution that trigger your allergies and asthma. Maybe it’s something you ate. Can you pinpoint it? Did going gluten free fail to relieve the symptoms? Whether it’s a food allergy or something else, allergy testing with an allergy specialist in Scottsdale can pinpoint the problem and create an individualized treatment plan. Why deprive yourself of the wonders of gluten if you don’t have to?

Our Scottsdale Allergists help with asthma, too:

If your sinuses are okay but your asthma is triggered every time the wind blows, our specialists can help with that, too. Our doctors are board-certified in:  asthma, allergies, and immunology, making them well equipped to help you navigate triggers, symptoms, and treatment.

Visit our Scottsdale Allergy and Asthma Clinic:

If you’re near the Tatum/Bell area, we have a convenient location right near YOU! Allergies such as allergy rhinitis,  skin allergies, food allergies and/or asthma have interrupted your daily living long enough.  Please call us to schedule an appointment with our Board Certified Allergists at our Scottsdale/Desert Ridge office:

 Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates Scottsdale Office:

4921 E Bell Rd #202
Scottsdale, AZ  85254
Ph. 602-242-4592
Fax: 602-242-9220