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What Should You Expect At Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C.?

Our Phoenix allergy and asthma clinic is staffed by allergy specialists who have a thorough understanding of all types of allergens, and especially the Arizonan desert allegens. Unlike general practitioners, our asthma allergy specialists are much better qualified to identify and provide specialized treatment using the appropriate medicines. We handle both pediatric (children allergies and asthma) and adult cases of allergies and related infections like Sinusitis and asthma.

Three-Step Treatment Process to a Long-Lasting Allergy Solution Upon visiting one of our 5 Phoenix area allergy & asthma clinics, our medical experts, Dr Fadhia Habib-Khazen M.D. and Dr. Housam Alasaly, M.D. will take you through a three-step process during your first appointment.

        1. Step 1 is a Comprehensive Clinic Consultation: The first step in our process is to spend 90 minutes to an hour with you. Our team of specialists will assess your case by asking multiple questions intended to help understand your situation. We are eager to discuss the details of your allergies to help us find a better solution for you. Furthermore, our doctors specialize in pediatric allergies so we can even help you with your young children. Plus our services are covered by the majority of insurance plans!
        1. Step 2 is On-site Lab Testing: During the first appointment and after your personal consultation, our team will perform diagnostic procedures like skin tests to identify the specific type of allergens you are allergic to. No waiting for results or having to research which test to take!
      1. Step 3 is Leaving with a Personalized Treatment Plan: Our allergy scratch tests includes up to 140 allergens! This comprehensive visit will help us to determine the type of substances you are allergic to, which is then used to formulate a unique treatment plan that suits your particular case. We will prescribe you the most logical medicine to manage the allergens your body reacts to. Depending on your situation, our doctor may prescribe you decongestants, allergy sprays, antihistamines, eye drops, allergy shots, and auto-injectors, among other allergy treatment options. If our client is a minor, our pediatric allergists will help formulate a child-friendly treatment plan.

How We Are Different:

Our allergy and asthma specialty medical team TRULY care about our patients! It’s not only important that we spend time with our patients but also that we we create a customized but practical treatment plan using our patients’ unique situationand  for even the most complex allergic issues. We have  5 allergy & asthma clinics in the Phoenix Metro area today—

Let us help YOU or YOUR child improve their  quality of life again!

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