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Ask an Experienced Phoenix Allergist for Advice on Peanut Allergies

The holiday season is normally a time when people gorge on delectable holiday treats. However, parents who have children with peanut allergies tend to dread the holiday season. After all, peanut residue can be present in any holiday treat (even if the treat’s recipe does not call for peanuts), causing their child to go into […]


When Allergies Attack: Coping with Arizona Allergy and Asthma Cases

An article on ABC 15 dated October 17, 2013 explores the severity of the allergy season in Arizona. The notoriously dry climate in Arizona provides the perfect condition for allergy-causing pollen, spores, and other air-bound particulates to affect the respiratory systems of at-risk individuals. A doctor interviewed for the article offers several recommendations on how […]


Open Wide: Understanding and Coping with Food Allergies in Phoenix

A Daily Journal article posted last November 11, 2013 tackles the increasing incidence of food allergies among US children. Food allergies should never be underestimated, as those who have unknowingly eaten allergy-causing foodstuffs either break out in hives and rashes, or suffer fatal anaphylactic shock. The article goes on to mention a few horrifying facts […]


AZ Schools Now with EpiPens, Phoenix Allergist Still Part of Treatment

One in 13 school children are allergic to at least one type of food, according to the Virginia-based Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). Allergy attacks, more often than not, happen in schools where infirmaries aren’t sufficiently equipped to deal with anaphylactic shock. However, the struggle to save children from allergy attacks at school have […]