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Arizona Allergy And Asthma Experts Shed Some Light On Food Allergies

Many people know what allergies are and what it feels like to have one: an uncomfortable feeling accompanied by watery eyes and runny nose. Allergies are the immune system’s way of reacting to allergens– the substances that trigger an allergic reaction in foods or drinks. Food allergies are one of the most common health concerns […]


Going to Allergy Clinics to Treat All Your Food Allergies in Phoenix

An August 20 news article on reported on the action taken by a school district in Arizona, following a fourth grader’s repeated exposure to peanuts and suffering severe allergic reactions. The report said, “Mesa resident April Mahaffey filed a complaint with the civil-rights division of the U.S. Department of Education in April after she […]


Pollen Count and Allergic Reactions: Treatments from Phoenix Allergist

Unless you’re severely allergic to something and ingesting it could harm you, allergies are mostly non-life threatening. But even so, mucus-filled sinuses and teary eyes are enough to get you feeling sluggish and unwilling to do anything but hold a tissue box and wait for it to pass. There are many sources of allergies like […]


Board-certified Allergy Doctors in Phoenix Recommend Consultation at the First Signs of Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome

People who develop Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome, also known as Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS), experience adverse reactions to certain fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and melons. In reality, a person suffering from this condition is allergic to tree pollens, and some common fruits and vegetables have proteins similar to these pollens, thereby triggering […]