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Why Choose a Board Certified Allergy Doctor?

Why Choose a Board Certified Allergy Doctor?

Dr Habib is a Board Certified Allergist working in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Anthem and Avondale AZQuality care begins with professionally trained doctors who specialize in treating allergy, asthma, and immunology. We are fortunate enough to have two allergy doctors who meet those qualifications. Both Dr. Fadia Habib-Khazen and Dr. Housam Alasaly are medical doctors, certified in allergy and immunology, that specialize in children, families and adults.

An Allergy Doctor Versus A General Practitioner:

The benefit of seeing an allergy doctor is that they have a specialist’s focus on allergy symptoms, triggers, and treatments. A general practitioner only has a broad overview of many health conditions, but an allergy doctor has unique exposure to and thousands of individual experiences with allergies. By having a narrower focus, a specialist is able to give you better insight into the causes and remedies for your unique condition.

About Our Arizona Allergy/Asthma Clinics:

Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C. is an allergy treatment practice committed to providing the latest and most comprehensive treatments for both adult and pediatric patients. Our team of Arizona of allergy doctors is eager to work closely with each of our patients to provide the most effective diagnostic methods and treatment.. With expertise gleaned from 20 years of medical service, we are fully capable of treating various kinds of allergies in children and adults alike. We provide quality care for any age, and we provide management of allergic reactions and asthma so that you can have fun even during allergy season. Come and visit our clinics if you are experiencing asthma, immunity problems, chronic sinus infection, skin infection, allergic eye diseases, or allergic rhinitis. Aside from our main clinic in Phoenix, we have satellite offices in Glendale, Avondale, Anthem, and Scottsdale.

Choose Your Allergy/Asthma Doctors Wisely:

Your relationship with your Phoenix allergy doctor should be a relationship you can trust. You want to know for certain that you or your child will receive the best care available for asthma and allergy symptoms in Arizona. In the realm of allergy and asthma, where difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis are always a possibility, you’re putting your life in your doctor’s hands.

Trust in a Phoenix allergy doctor who has been specially trained and certified to handle immunologic disorder so you can be free from allergies and asthma challenges!

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