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Could it Be Allergies? What Every Parent Needs to Know

Could it Be Allergies? What Every Parent Needs to Know

Every parent wants the best for their children, and that starts with covering the basics. If your child is sick, nothing else matters, and the most important job you have is helping them heal.

That means finding out what is wrong, but making a definitive diagnosis is not as easy as it might seem. From the sniffles and runny noses to sudden shortness of breath and frequent ear infections, some of the most common childhood illnesses can have more than one cause, and finding out what is really going on can be tricky.

The core of your child’s healthcare journey is of course the pediatrician, but a generalist should not be the only member of the healthcare team. There are plenty of reasons to include an allergy and asthma specialist as part of your personal healthcare team, and seeking one out could be a very smart move for everyone in the household.

As the name implies, allergy and asthma specialists are experts in a very specific field, and that specific expertise can be extremely valuable for both parents and their children. While a general family care doctor or pediatrician may look to the most likely causes, an experienced asthma and allergy specialist can delve deeper, using their unique knowledge to uncover the true causes.

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The fact is some of the most common childhood ailments can be caused by undiagnosed allergies and asthma, and ruling those possible causes out or in is what allergy and asthma specialists are best at. If your child is always getting the sniffles and suffering from a runny nose, you might think that they just have a cold, but why is no one else in the family getting sick? You may see it as a mystery, but an asthma or allergy specialist will likely see it as a sign that a previously unknown allergy is to blame.

The same is true of other obstacles school-age children face, including problems encountered playing sports. If your child does not have the same level of endurance as their peers, or if your child has a chronic cough especially with exertion, your child may be suffering from asthma, and their body is telling them to stop before an attack takes place.

By seeking care from an allergy and asthma specialist, you can find out exactly what is going on, giving you and your child the peace of mind they need. If you do not already have such an expert on the team, now is the time to seek one out.  If you are in the Phoenix metro area, the top clinic serving childhood and adults for asthma and allergy, Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C.. likely has a location near you. You and your family deserve to enjoy a life without allergies!