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EpiPen Update! Have you heard about AUVI-Q?

EpiPen Update! Have you heard about AUVI-Q?

December’s EpiPen Update for children allergies

The Epipen shortage continues to have many allergy sufferers in a panic, including parents who need to provide emergency allergy supplies to their school children. But the Epipen is not the only medicine capable of preventing anaphylactic shock (see our page here for info on what  life-threatening anaphylaxis is).

AUVI-Q is one alternative to Epipen

Walgreens has responded to the Epipen shortage by stocking up on this alternative. They’re stepping up in more ways than one. According to a recent press release, Walgreens will be providing this vital medication free of charge to anyone who has an eligible insurance plan. This even applies to high-deductible plans which historically do not cover very much. This does not include any AHCCCS plans. Those who don’t have insurance may receive assistance obtaining AUVI-Q at an affordable cost by taking advantage of kaléo’s patient assistant program. The kaléo company manufactures AUVI-Q.

AUVI-Q is pretty similar to an Epipen. It's smaller, which makes it easier to carry.

  • AUVI-Q is pretty similar to an Epipen. It’s smaller, which makes it easier to carry. If you need to administer a dose you place it against your thigh and hold it in place for 5 seconds. It has a fully retractable needle, a safety measure intended to keep a needle from getting embedded in the leg. In this regard, it may be an even safer alternative for kids than the Epipen.
  • AUVI-Q has another innovation: verbal instructions. As soon as you remove the plastic case on the outside in preparation to use the device you’ll hear the instructions playing. This can be nice if you’re trying to administer the injection to yourself. You won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten something while you’re busy struggling to breathe.
  • The medication inside the AUVI-Q device is the same as the Epipen: epinephrine. The only real difference is in the delivery method. But the delivery method is enough to mean pharmacists can’t just swap out the two devices. You will need to stop by our office to get a prescription for AUVI-Q if you want to take advantage of this generous offer.

Dr. Habib’s and Dr Alasaly’s thoughts:

There are very few instances where we wouldn’t approve such a change. If you’re struggling to obtain life-saving epinephrine please give our offices a call to make the switch today. But before we ever truly endorse or recommend a medicine for you or your child, you should meet with us in person in order to screen you to make sure you don’t have any of the medical conditions or drug interactions which might make AUVI-Q an unsafe alternative

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