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Kids, Allergies and Allergy Shots – Ouch!

We are a Phoenix allergy and asthma clinic that specializes in allergy testing for children

Is your Phoenix Allergy & Asthma Clinic doing allergy testing for your child?

If you child is battling year-round allergies, and allergy medication and environmental control of symptoms isn’t enough, your Phoenix allergy and asthma clinic may recommend allergy shots for your child. Though effective for certain types of allergies and safe for kids as young as 5, allergy shots can nonetheless be a frightening suggestion for younger allergy patients.

Administered by a trained allergy specialists once or twice a week, allergy shots are effective against many inhaled allergens such as pollen, dust, and animal dander, as well as insect venom. Luckily, with the help of a caring allergy clinic staff, the right attitude, and a little prior planning, taking your child in for allergy shots doesn’t have to be a big deal – in fact, it can become as commonplace as a trip to Grandma’s!

How can you make allergy shots less scary for your child?

  • As a parent, maintain a positive attitude and refrain from being anxious about the shots yourself. Your kids could pick up on your fear.
  • In an age appropriate way, explain to children that are not a punishment, but help protect their health.
  • Acknowledge there will be some pain, but allergy shots won’t be as painful as vaccinations, since the needles are smaller.
  • For younger kids, offer a toy medical kit so they can practice giving pretend allergy shots to siblings or dolls prior to their visit.
  • Ask the clinician to use a numbing cream or spray to limit pain caused by the needle.
  • Bring distractions. For younger kids, bubbles and pinwheels to blow during shots are a great distraction, or special comforting toys. For older kids, music, games, or texting may help.
  • Reward or praise children following allergy shots so they feel it was “worth it.”

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