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Protect Your Child from Debilitating Allergies in Phoenix through Proper Allergy Testing

A recent study of children aged 0 to 17 shows that children born in America are more likely to develop allergic reactions versus kids in other countries, according to a article published in April. The researchers took their study a step further and compared the results with those from other countries. It was eventually discovered that American kids have a higher chance of developing asthma compared to children in other parts of the world.

Spring is perhaps considered the deadliest season for asthmatic and allergy-prone individuals, as flowering plants and molds release their spores into the air during this time. While Phoenix, Arizona may not be one of the most spore-heavy regions in the West, the number of board-certified allergists in the region is lower than the recommended average of 1.05 allergists for every 10,000. Thus, those suffering from crippling allergies in Phoenix should take it upon themselves to visit a reputable allergist such as those from the Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates P.C..

The study’s findings further substantiates the so-called “hygiene hypothesis.” According to this paradigm, a child’s still-developing immune system may be denied exposure to germs and bacteria, resulting in the immune system’s failure to produce the right antibodies to counteract subsequent exposures. Given that North American lifestyles place a heavy emphassoasis on cleanliness, it can be argued that the desire to protect children from unhygienic conditions is what drives the increasing incidence of allergies among kids in the U.S. This is not to say, however, that one should entirely forego proper hygiene practices.

Other factors that can cause or prevent American children’s predisposition to allergies include parental behaviors and culinary practices. For instance, the heavy use of spices with anti-inflammatory properties can help build immunity to allergies. Thus, it all boils down to the types of food and supplements parents feed their kids.

Nevertheless, since allergies can’t be completely avoided, children may need to undergo certain tests to rule out their inclination to allergic reactions. Parents can approach a pediatric clinic for allergy testing in Phoenix to identify specific allergens that may set off severe attacks in their children. Medical experts can subsequently brief kids and their parents on which foods or substances to avoid.

Allergies are no joke, and recent studies have proven that the average American child is more likely to suffer allergic reactions than a child born outside of the U.S. As such, children will need close monitoring from their guardians and may have to undergo allergy testing to ensure their health and safety.