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Save Allergy Doctors in Phoenix the Trouble and Avoid Vitamin D if You’re Pregnant

According to a Science Daily article dated February 27, researchers have discovered a link between the levels of vitamin D in pregnant women and the likelihood of allergies in their progeny. The good scientists behind the study urged mothers to avoid taking vitamin D supplement while expecting a child as it “can increase the risk of children developing a food allergy in the first two years of their life.” Their study suggests that vitamin D somehow lowers the amount of immunoglobulin E, which can help the body resist allergens like egg whites, peanuts, and milk products.

Phoenix, Arizona is rife with such examples of milk products due to the sheer popularity of Mexican cuisine in the region, most of which use cheese. Mexican food is great tasting, without a doubt, and it would be a really great shame for a child to miss out on such flavorful and exciting dishes. Thus, expectant mothers should avoid vitamin D if they want their child to enjoy most, if not all, culinary delights possible, while avoiding those trips to concerned allergy doctors in Phoenix at the same time.

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Mothers should watch their diet carefully when bearing a child, since whatever they eat greatly impacts the health of the developing baby. Aside from avoiding vitamin D supplements, moms should shun button mushrooms, mackerel, cod liver oil, and some fortified cereal products. If mothers have nothing else to eat at hand other than those foods, they should ingest them in moderation.

Vitamin D doesn’t just come from food; mere exposure to the sun can supply vitamin D to a body. Naturally, this means moms should try to limit their time outdoors, or should seek shade immediately after spending some time in the open. Applying some sunblock would be a great idea as well.

Should a mother give birth to a child who unfortunately ends up with allergies or is showing signs of developing some, she shouldn’t fret; a Phoenix allergy doctor such as one from the Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C. can help. The good doctor can help mitigate the effects of allergens by identifying exactly which substances cause the allergic reactions and formulating a personal plan for the patient. This plan should help the child grow without serious incident to his health.

Allergies can be more than just a nuisance; they prevent people from completely enjoying their lives. At times, allergic reactions can be fatal as well. Expectant mothers should be responsible enough to watch their own health to avoid passing on hypersensitivity to their offspring. If allergies still manage to break out in kids, they should be accompanied to an allergist right away for medical aid.