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Suffering from Sinus Issues Caused by Allergies?

Suffering from Sinus Issues Caused by Allergies?

If you are plagued by uncomfortable sinus symptoms like congestion, runny nose, sinus pressure or pain, you know that getting relief is essential. But first, you need to determine what’s causing your symptoms.

Often, people mistake allergy symptoms for a cold, and then complain of a cold that lasts for weeks. When they actually have seasonal allergies to plant pollen or other, generally airborne allergens. This might feel much like a sinus infection due to a virus or bacteria, but there are a few key differences when you have allergic rhinitis.

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Is it Viral or is it Allergies?

The common symptoms that you may have with either a viral-induced sinus infection or allergic rhinitis include sinus pressure and congestion and a runny nose, but when you are experiencing an allergic reaction, you may also have itchy watering eyes, which almost never occur with a sinus infection caused by a virus. Another way to identify sinus infection is if you are producing thick green nasal discharge.

Allergy symptoms are triggered by exposure to the allergens to which you are sensitive, so they can occur year-round, if you are reacting to pet dander, dust mites or air pollution, or seasonally if you have pollen, mold and fungi allergies. Paying attention to the timing of your symptoms will give you a clue as to their origin, but we can pinpoint your allergies with allergy testing.

Knowing exactly what you are allergic to will help you manage symptoms by avoiding allergens, where possible, or taking the appropriate medications.

Pediatric Allergies and Sinus Symptoms

Children are more susceptible to viruses, because they haven’t yet acquired immunities and have usually less than satisfactory personal hygiene habits. While it may seem like your little ones are constantly sniffling, don’t assume it’s just a cold. Untreated allergic sinus symptoms can escalate into dangerous breathing issues in children whose smaller airways can more easily become congested.

Our pediatric allergy doctors can determine if your child’s symptoms are due to an allergic reaction or something else and then recommend treatments that will be effective, personalized to your child’s needs. Treatments that we may propose include:

  • Avoidance of the allergen, which can be relatively easy in some cases (if they are allergic to horses or camels), but nearly impossible in others, such as dust mite, fungal or air pollutant allergies
  • Medication, including over the counter (OTC) or prescription antihistamines and corticosteroids
  • Immunotherapy or desensitization therapies

You don’t have to resign yourself (or your children) to the sneezing and sniffling, sinus pressure and congestion of sinus issues caused by allergies, help is available! Contact us today at 602-242-4592 or book an appointment online to find out how we can help.


Kids, Allergies and Allergy Shots – Ouch!

We are a Phoenix allergy and asthma clinic that specializes in allergy testing for children

Is your Phoenix Allergy & Asthma Clinic doing allergy testing for your child?

If you child is battling year-round allergies, and allergy medication and environmental control of symptoms isn’t enough, your Phoenix allergy and asthma clinic may recommend allergy shots for your child. Though effective for certain types of allergies and safe for kids as young as 5, allergy shots can nonetheless be a frightening suggestion for younger allergy patients.