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When Allergies Attack: Coping with Arizona Allergy and Asthma Cases

An article on ABC 15 dated October 17, 2013 explores the severity of the allergy season in Arizona. The notoriously dry climate in Arizona provides the perfect condition for allergy-causing pollen, spores, and other air-bound particulates to affect the respiratory systems of at-risk individuals. A doctor interviewed for the article offers several recommendations on how to counter these complications: Battling BackSince Arizona is a dry climate, he says humidifiers can help keep moisture in our bodies and prevent cracks and openings from happening in our noses or throats that can allow these viruses and bacteria inside. “Humidifiers will add moisture back into the air that’s very dry. With a humidifier, whether it’s hot or cold the key thing is proper maintenance,” he said. “It’s keeping up on the maintenance by the schedule that it says, you know if it says change the filter once a month don’t push it to three months…” “Prevention is your best bet, so being really conscious of hand washing, get your flu shot,” he says. Even with such countermeasures in place, individuals with vulnerable respiratory systems should always be on high alert. An uneventful walk through town can quickly turn into an uncomfortable experience riddled with sneezing and itching sensations if allergens happen to be floating around. If an allergy attack develops, the afflicted person should see an allergist who knows how to deal with common Arizona allergy and asthma cases. Allergies can be described as the immune system’s reaction or hypersensitivity to an otherwise harmless substance such as pollen. On the other hand, asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that plagues a person’s respiratory system, thereby complicating breathing and causing bouts of coughing. Incidentally, certain allergies also trigger asthma symptoms, thus, correlating the two ailments and inconveniencing the afflicted twice over. It can be hard to cope with allergies, and it’ll be even more difficult if your allergies also cause asthma attacks. To make things easier for yourself, you should see a medical center—such as the Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, P.C., for instance—that can offer Arizona allergy relief. These medical facilities are also equipped to deal with asthma incidents brought about by allergies. Should your condition escalate, don’t hesitate to pay your allergy doctor a visit. (Article Excerpt and Image from Battling back against colds and Arizona allergies,, October 17, 2013)